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Post by Lady Louisa on Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:58 pm

The First Draft Ideas category is just that: a first draft of what we want this project to entail. Please, throw ideas out there for discussion, we'll weed the bad ideas out as we go. The mechanics thread is for mechanics that drive players nuts and possible fixes for them. The timeline thread is for all the ideas on updating the timeline since 1668. What book plots have logically been resolved by now, and what ideas do we have for more plot? And the layout thread is for what we want the project to look like at each stage. Namely, if multiple books are the goal, what do we want in each book, and how to we put it together? Like I said, at this point, we want all the ideas we can get, so please, don't discount anything at this stage. Throw it out there, and let the discussion begin!
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